Liara is a static site generator written in Python 3. It generates a page by compiling some source data into static pages that can be served using any web server. Originally written in 2013, it was completely rewritten in 2019 – making it not only much more flexible, but also easier to use. Additionally, extensive documentation was added.

The library is available through PyPI. If you are using pip, you can install it using:

pip install liara

The source code can be retrieved from the public repository.

You can see Liara in action on this very website as well as on Everything is handled through liara – from processing SCSS, generating thumbnails, over content formatting and index generation.


This project is no longer developed, but it's still under maintenance. On request, bug fixes and other improvements will be implemented. Please use the project's issue tracker to report problems or ask for new features.

This project is production-ready. The code is well tested, and has shown it's robustness in day-to-day usage.